Advantages Of Working For Yourself From Home

Many people think that working for yourself from home cannot possibly replace a full-time corporate income, but have you ever stopped to consider how many costs there are associated with working full time outside of the home that you don’t incur when you work from home?

For many people the most measurable financial difference between working outside the home and working at home is the cost of daycare. If you have young children who are not yet in school or who need before and after school daycare in order for you to work, the child care expenses can be in the hundreds of dollars for each child. The work at home advantage allows you to avoid those exorbitant costs and have a flexible schedule so that you can provide care to your children while still building a successful business.

Another significant cost that most people face is the cost of the commute. Whether you drive yourself and pay for fuel as well as wear and tear on your vehicle or spend money to take public transportation, this is a significant expense that can be avoided when you work from home. Many people find it possible to live with one vehicle instead of two, which drops the cost of maintaining vehicles as well as insurance.

There are many other costs associated with working outside the home. From the cost of eating out to the cost of the morning latte you grab from Starbucks on your way to work every day, the advantages of working for yourself from home allow you to save enough money that even if, as you are building your home business you make less income, you can afford to do so.

When you combine that with the freedom you gain in not being required to work a set schedule or beg for time off when something important comes up, it’s no wonder more and more people are finding ways to work from home. Thanks to advances in technology that allow you to be connected wherever you happen to be in the world, you’re not even really restricted to working at your home – you could be sipping Mai Tais and getting some sun on the beach while finishing that big proposal.

If you have the desire to take control of your own destiny and enjoy the freedom and cost savings that comes from working for yourself from home, you can achieve success with a home based business.

Howard Mahere

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