Don’t Allow Anyone to Terminate your Dream

We all have dreams but at times we allow naysers  to kill our dreams, and yet some people will keep their dreams until they realise them.  Maybe you are one of those who have let your dreams  die due to self doubt or had shelved them and you are about to give them up. Here is story which I strongly believe will rekindle your childhood dreams that you thought were now almost impossible to attain.

Anna Mary Robertson (born 1860) was a young farm girl who loved to paint.  Her dream was to become a world famous painter.  Alas,her parents told her that she would starve as  a painter and that she should forget her stupid dream.  She was told that her role in life was to marry a good husband, look after the farm and raise children.

Obediently, Anna put aside her dreams and started a family in her teens.  She had 10 children in her late 20s, had grandchildren in her late 40s and was a great grandmother in her 60s.

By the age of 75, after her husband died and her children had grown up, she became too old to work on the farm.  So, she decided to fulfil her child childhood dream of becoming a painter.  She went to the town’s art store and bought brushes, paints and canvases and started painting in front of her barn.  She self studied and painted ‘Primitive American Landscape’ and sold her first painting at age 77.  She became affectionately known as Grandma Moses.

By age 79, her paintings were showcased in the museum of modern Art (New York).  During the 1950s, her exhibitions were so popular that they broke attendence records all over the world.  The National Association of House Dress Manufactures honored her as their 1951 Woman of the Year.  At age 88, Mademolselle Magazine named Grandma Moses a “Young Woman of the Year.” Philadelphia’s Moore College of Art awarded her its first honorary doctorate degree.

In the last 10 years of her life, her paintings were selling for $100 000 each.  She had painted 3600 pieces in the last years.

Here is the juicest part – she made more money in a year than in an entire lifetime working on the farm.  In November 2006, her work Sugaring Off (1943), became her highest selling work at US$1.2 million.

It is estimated that if she had started painting in her teens, she would have become one of the richest women in America.

You too can still revive and achieve your dreams ,regardless of your past failures.  The starting point is self – reinvention, which is a process of adding another dimension to your life.  It works believe, me when I say that.  I am talking from personal experience. 

Life is a great adventure full of promise and opportunity.  Don’t die with your expertise locked inside of you.  The world needs to benefit from your God-given potential.

By Howard Mahere


About Howard Mahere

I'm a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency enthusiast !
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