Attitude is Altitude in Business

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.  ”  William James.

Those of a certain age know and agree that attitude can either work for you or against you.  Attitude is altitude because in the absence of a positive attitude your network business will not succeed.  It does not matter how intelligent and talented you maybe, without controlling or taming your negative attitude the world has no time for you.  Adjusting our atttitude now and then becomes imperative. Attitude is what helps you overcome whatever obstacles  might come your way whilst running your business.

The following comparison may help you take stock of your life and make the necessary adjustments:

Negative Attitude:

My situation will never get better.  I am always the unfortunate one.

Why me?

No one likes me, I know it.

I will never overcome these challenges, I know it.

No matter how much I try to learn internet marketing, I will never master internet marketing.

I will never be rich, because no one in my family has ever achieved that.

Positive Attitude:

I will succeed  in my network business despite the current difficulties I am going through.

I am a top earner, I know it deep down in my heart.

Internet mastery is challenging now but this too shall pass.

I always take obstacles as stepping stones to my promised land.

I live expectantly everyday.

I believe that in every challenge there is a hidden lesson

Rejection does not mean the sky is falling down. I know my time will come someday if I don’t give-up.

What I am today does not define me. I am becoming better each passing  day.

Everything happens for a reason.

Let me conclude by sharing a story about” The Optimist”

There is a story of identical twins.  One was a hope-filled optimist.  “Everything is coming up roses!” he would say.  The other was a sad hopeless pessimist.  He thought that Murphy, as in Murphy’s Law, was an optimist.  The worried parents of the boys brought them to the local psychologist.

He suggested to the parents a plan to balance the twins’ personalities.  “On their next birthday, put them in separate rooms to open their gifts.  Give the pessimist the best toys you can afford, and give the optimist a box of manure.”  The parents followed these instructions and carefully observed the results.

When they peeked in on the pessimist, they heard him audibly complaining, “I don’t like the color of this computer…I’ll bet this calculator will break…I don’t like this game…I know someone who’s got a bigger toy car than this…”

Tiptoeing across the corridor, the parents peeked in and saw their little optimist gleefully throwing the manure up in the air.  He was giggling. “You can’t fool me!  Where there’s this much manure, there’s gotta be a pony!”Author: Unknown.

May the above story be a daily reminder  of how attitude can take us to a higher altitude as an employee; employer or Network Marketer.

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