The ‘Awesome’ Power of Your Words: Pt 1

Whatever your field of endevour, words are a potent force that you can harness and utilise to your advantage or disadvantage.  Words have the power to build or to destroy as events below will show how the course of history was changed both positively and negatively due to the power of words.

Martin Luther King used words(not stones or guns) that touched and impacted the hearts of millions of people the world over.  His dream speech started the process of eradicating racism in America.

Dictators like Hitler successfully used the power of words negatively for devilish ambitions. As a result, more than six million  Jews lost their lives.

We all remember the mass killings that followed after the leadership of one tribe in Rwanda used the power of words( through  radio and word of mouth) to incite  their followers to embark on a massacre of genocidal proportions against their fellow citizens belonging to another tribe.

Motivational speakers like the  late Jim Rohn inspired and changed many people’s lives using the power of words in a positive way.

Tony Robbin is transforming people’s lives by inspiring them to become all they were meant to be, again using the power of words to actualise his dream.

God created the Universe with words.

More than two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ’s words ignited the hearts of many people to preach the gospel and continues to do so even as I write this article.  This is the power of both spoken and written words that has the ability to shift everything in our lives momentarily.

The question you may be asking is how do I go about using words to shape my destiny as an internet intrepreneur.

The first step is to  start by conducting a self dialogue , to cause an inward revolution deep down in your heart , soul and mind.  This will lead you to decide on the person and future lifestyle you desire.  Once you are clear on the path that you would like to follow, think of the words (mantra or slogan ) that you want to feed your mind on , depending on what your dreams are.  For instance ,if you want to achieve mastery in internet marketing,a catch-phrases like ‘I ‘m a successful Internet Marketer ‘, repeated daily will set you on this path.

The second step is to  take deliberate action in order to consolidate and reinforce the above words into your mind.  They say it takes 21 days to create a habit.  Why not do that for a better future.  Its worthwhile.  Take advantage of  technology and have the affirmations on your desktop , pin them onto the walls of your bedroom and your study as well.  You can also listen to these affirmations on CDs/Mp3 player/iPod  that will repeat the words that inspire and motivate you.

The third step is to surround yourself with like- minded people. These are buddies you know will speak your language because they are also seeking what you are after. Be very selective of  books you read,  movies that you watch and the seminars that you attend. Repeatedly tell yourself  ‘I am getting better everyday’,’I am a winner’.

When I decided to become an internet marketer I was not good with computers at all.  I could only check my email. My problem was that I was constantly reminding myself that I will never understand how the internet works.That conversation within myself amounted to a confession,  that  instantly  filled me with self-pity and a sense of defeat, thus robbing myself of the power of initiative. Its like a poison in your body that paralyses you or even kills you.

Words are indeed powerful as they can work for us or against us. Part 2 of this subject will give a list of motivational words to inspire us in our daily life

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All the best

Howard Mahere

About Howard Mahere

I'm a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency enthusiast !
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