Words of Wisdom for today’s Business Owner!

I hope you will find the following 20 nuggets which I adapted from” The Book of Excellence” by Byrd Baggett, worth incorporating into your internet marketing efforts.  Enjoy!

1.  A good marketing plan without sales and profits is a guaranteed failure. Don’t get the cart before the horse.

2.  Know your market.  Where is the business?  Who has it?

3.  Don’t put all your eggs (time) into one client’s basket.

4.  Always ask for the order! Don’t worry about your technique or style.

5.  Plan your sales calls a minimum of one week in advance.

6.  Customers will find a way to buy from you if they like you.  They will also find a way not to buy from you if they don’t like you.

7.  Know where your sales increases will come from.  They won’t just happen!

8.  Never be too busy to follow up on the small things.

9.  A bad attitude cancels all other positive skills.

10. Manipulating outcomes never provides the best results.

11. Do you add value to your customer’s business?

12. Good looks are truly skin deep.  Performance is lasting.

13.  Each day you get better or worse.  It’s your choice.

14.  Know your client’s hobbies.

15.  Believe in yourself, your company, your products.

16.  God has given you another day.  Rejoice and be thankful!

17.  Become actively involved in your community through a civic club.

18.  Keep your competitors on their toes!

19.  Are there any sales training manuals, programs, books, or cassettes collecting dust on your shelves?  Why?  You can still learn from them.

20.  Be committed to your faith, your family, and your company – in that order.


To your success!

Howard Mahere

About Howard Mahere

I'm a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency enthusiast !
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