Never Give Up On Your Internet Business

DSCF9585Does fear of failure keep you from starting exploring new ventures?
Have you ever asked yourself, why online success comes easily to other people, but seems to be eluding you all the time?
Have schemers driven you to the point of giving up?

My advice is short, sweet and to the point: You need to know that, it’s always too soon to quit! Remember quitters never succeed.

Successful people hang in there, they get back up when they fall and try again. You see, your friends who have become Online Success Stories didn’t throw in the towel and quit when the going got tougher, NO, No , No! They knew what they wanted in life and they wanted it badly enough to persevere through the desert, and what happened: They got to the other end. They paid the price and achieved their Online business dream. You CAN too ,only if you don’t quit on yourself and your internet venture.

Remember: It’s always too soon to give up. In other words, Never Give Up until you get the results that you after.
All the best!

Howard Mahere

About Howard Mahere

I'm a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency enthusiast !
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2 Responses to Never Give Up On Your Internet Business

  1. Lisa Drinnan says:

    Hi Howard – What a Ray of Sunshine you are👍🌞. I needed to be encouraged by you this morning as I have project I have started & one I am tentatively working on. This Term I am running an Afterschool Art & Craft Class for 7-11yr olds. I have three kids on Thursdays & four on Fridays. I love it. Seeing them develop in their creativity & enjoy the outcome of it.
    My Photography Business is the one I want to get off the ground over the next few weeks.
    The Online Business you are doing- is it a mentoring one?
    Regards Lisa Drinnan

    • Hi Lisa
      I appreciate your kind comments and comments like these make me realize that mine is a divine mission. Bless your heart.
      Now regarding your Afterschool Art & Craft Class which sounds to me like it’s your passion, nurture it , grow it little by little like I am doing with my speaking business…it takes a while to get the financial rewards but it brings fulfillment since its something you just love to do regardless. However , as for the Photography business , it may not be your passion but it can bring your quick results if you find the right mentor who is already doing it successfully . Knowing how to conduct business online is the wisest thing you can do because you can then reach the whole world and make sales through whatever photos you might be selling online 24/7. It’s a challenge to master but it’s doable if you just apply yourself. So to answer your question….The online business I am doing is selling other peoples digital products. I have a website but right now its down being re-branded. But I will give it to you soon. It’s not a mentoring one but for you , I would recommend that you start following a few Blogs of those who are doing want you are after and once you establish virtual friendship then you can find out how they they got establish online, Photography is good business from what I gather.
      Wishing you good success Lisa and remember it’s never to late to live your dreams.
      Howard Mahere
      This is my story and I’am sticking to it!

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