What I’m Loving This Week:…..Rising above adversity:


This week I am loving the following people who turned their life around despite their painful circumstances.  It’s all about perseverance and endurance and the desire to live a fulfilled life.

Julie Donley overcame addiction, a grave illness, divorce, single parenthood, obesity, indebtedness and being laid-off three times. (Talk of things going wrong!)  In spite of all this, she has written several books including “Does Change have to be H.A.R.D.?”,  “The Journey Called You” and “A Road map to Self-Discovery and Acceptance”.

Bethany Hamilton: At 13 she was attacked by a shark while surfing.  Within 6 months she was surfing again competitively….and winning…with one arm.  She was Athlete of the Year in 2004

Ray Kroc Founder of McDonald’s.”When I started the company I was 52 years old.  I had diabetes, lost my gall bladder and most of my thyroid gland.  But I  was convinced that the best was ahead of me.”

Wilma Rudolph:”My mother taught me very early to believe I  could achieve any accomplishment I wanted to………The first was to walk without braces.”  She was the first American woman to win 3 gold medals in a single Olympics.

It was Epictetus who once said, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

You can choose to let adversity lock your potential or let it bring the best in you.

This is my story and I am sticking to it!


Howard Mahere



About Howard Mahere

I'm a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency enthusiast !
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