What I’m Loving This Week: The Shoeshine Boy’s Zero To Hero Story!

This week I am sharing a very inspiring story about a man called George Johnson.  George grew up in Chicago, polishing shoes in a barber shop.  George used to hear his black friends say, “I wish I could straighten my hair”.

One day while George was shining a man’s shoes, he asked him, “What do you do?”

“I’m a chemist,” the man replied.

“What do chemists do?”  George asked.

“I mix things,” the man explained.

“Do you think you could mix something that would straighten my hair?”

The chemist said, “Maybe I can put something together.”

He did.  George tried it on his hair and it worked.  He bottled the product and sold it to some of his friends and a few stores.  Soon he build a sales force to sell “Ultra-Sheen.”

Today, George Johnson’s personal fortune is over several million dollars.  That’s not bad for someone with little education and who was once a shoeshine boy.

The moral of the story:  Sometimes you have to get desperate before you get creative!

This is my story and I am sticking to it.


Make yours a successful week!

Howard Mahere




About Howard Mahere

I'm a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency enthusiast !
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