What I Am Loving This Week: The Desire To Win!


Are you feeling discouraged, demoralized and defeated?

Does it feel like the world is against you?  or

Do you feel inadequate because of your circumstances?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, may the following story bring hope and inspiration to yo

A story is told about Wilma Rudolph who was the twentieth of 22 children born into an impoverished family in Tennessee.  As a child, she had polio and was forced to wear leg braces until she was nine.  At twelve, she tried out for her school’s basketball team and failed.  For the next year she PRACTICED everyday until she finally made the team.   A college athletics coach spotted her one day and talked her into letting him train her to be a sprinter.  Her persistence earned her a scholarship to Tennessee State University where she became a track star.

In 1960, she made the US Olympic team.  In the 100-metre sprint she had to face Jutta Heine of Germany, the world record holder.  But Wilma won and she did it again in the 200 metre  event.  Wilma’s third race was the 100 metre relay, where she again faced Jutta.  Just as the baton was handed to Wilma she dropped it, giving Jutta the lead.  But her never-give-up spirit made her pick up the baton and take off in desperate pursuit.  She caught the German runner in the last few strides and won the third gold medal – more than any other woman had won at that time.  Wilma became a grand-mother and traveled the world for children’s causes, motivating them with her story.  ‘I let them know,’ she said, ‘that they can achieve it, as long as they’re willing to work for it!

It is clear that success does not happen by chance, it is by choice.  Right now you can WILMAdecide to go back to school to get that diploma or degree that you have always desired.  Yes, you can do it as long as the will to do it is there.

That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Howard Mahere



About Howard Mahere

I'm a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency enthusiast !
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