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In today’s business world, it is impossible to even think of building a brand without marketing your content online. Around 75% of marketers have realized the power of effective content marketing and are now investing a lot more in these campaigns than ever before. In this regard, it is worth noting that 70% people prefer learning about a brand through good quality articles, instead of the usual advertisements.

The right recipe for an effective content marketing strategy boils down to three major ingredients.

Great Content That Resonates With Your Target Audience

The core ingredient for a successful content marketing campaign is the content that you present to your audience. Better the quality of content, more is the likelihood of your investment giving better results. At the same time, quantity matters as well, depending on how you want to drive your campaign.


The following things should be taken into consideration while creating content:

  • Originality
  • Appealing headline or title
  • Providing value to readers – When people read any sort of content, they are looking for answers and knowledge. As such, your content should be able to provide just that. It is a bonus if the content is also fun to read.
  • Accuracy – Providing sources in the content and being accurate builds credibility.
  • To-the-point content, with minimal fluff.
  • Content should be actionable – it should provide the reader with a sense of direction.
  • Easy to read and consume.


Engagement On Social Media Platforms

Social media has a crucial role to play in your content marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, etc. can be used for marketing your content. Having a presence across all social media channels is quite important, regardless of which one works the best for your business. This helps build credibility for your business and reach out to a larger audience.

Social media can be really helpful in reaching out to new and targeted audiences using the paid means. The targeting is much more detailed particularly with Facebook, which will help you reach out to your perfect new audience.


Dynamic Website

You need to build a base where all your content marketing efforts will lead to – and this would be your website – the home for your business. Make sure to regularly update your blog and also optimize the content for search engines. This is something you need to give a lot of importance to in order to get an edge over your competitors.


Combining the above three factors:

Now that we know the three ingredients, it is time to put them into action.

  1. Understand your market and target audience.
  2. Create good quality content. Don’t have time or resources to do it yourself? You can always outsource it to a professional content writing agency. Never compromise with the quality.

  3. Create social media accounts on different channels.
  4. Make sure your website looks great.
  5. Make sure there is a blog section on your website. Blogging is a great tool to engage your audience and build credibility for your business.
  6. Start sharing your content on your social media accounts regularly. Be active on these accounts and indulge in online conversations with your audience.

  7. Keep track of the results you get out of your content marketing efforts and analyze them periodically. This will help you improve over time.

Maintaining the right balance of the above 3 factors is important. Also, busy businesses can consider using a Social Media Management tool like Drumup https://drumup.io to save time and to make things a lot easier.


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