Justin Sun Hosts Livestream in San Francisco, Says He Looks Forward to Meeting With Warren Buffett

Justin Sun just wrapped up a livestream on Periscope with San Francisco’s Bay Bridge behind him.

Sun says he’s still on the mend after a battle with kidney stones that was first announced by the Tron Foundation. According to Sun, his meeting with Warren Buffet is still on, but will likely be postponed.

“No, I’m not feeling quite well, but I think we are going to postpone. But I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

In the nine-minute livestream, the Tron founder did not address a whirlwind of reports that surfaced in Chinese media outlets today.

As viewers tell Sun to drink cranberry juice, he affirms that “everything is ok.”

“You can see that our DApp ecosystem has been booming since our online transaction volume has been 5x than before, so it’s kinda crazy. Everything seems to be going really well. Also at the same time, our developers WINk, they got an investment from Tron, and they recently are doing an IEO on Binance Launchpad. So it’s also successful. So I think right now Tron and BitTorrent and WINk and development on all the DApps ecosystem, features and products – everything is in really good shape.”

WINk is the first gaming project on Binance Launchpad. WINk’s previous incarnation, TRONbet, was the first DApp launched on the TRON network and since has become the leading gaming application in terms of active users and transaction volume across all major blockchains.

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