Billion-Dollar Retail Giant Newegg Expands Bitcoin (BTC) Payments

Billion-Dollar Retail Giant Newegg Expands Bitcoin (BTC) Payments

The tech retailer Newegg says it’s bringing Bitcoin payments to 73 additional countries.

Newegg’s president of global sales, Anthony Chow, says customers can now pay with Bitcoin in nearly all of the countries the company serves.

“Five years ago, we were one of the first major online shopping destinations to accept Bitcoin, and our early-adopter customers were quick to embrace this new payment option. Broadening the ability to pay with Bitcoin to the majority of our global network underscores our commitment to bring innovation to the online shopping experience, and answers customers’ growing preference for our Bitcoin payment option.”

The company says that since partnering with Bitcoin payment platform BitPay in 2014 to facilitate BTC payments in the US and later in Canada “not a single chargeback has been required for any Bitcoin transaction on”

Newegg says it’s betting on Bitcoin’s strength and ongoing ability to bounce back as it makes its way onto the global stage as a transformative payment option.

“The value of Bitcoin has varied significantly over the past several years, yet its resilience is evidenced by its recent resurgence and ubiquity as a preferred international currency.”

Newegg is an online-only retailer selling a wide variety of computer hardware, software, games and electronics. The company earned about $2.7 billion in revenue in 2016, according to the latest numbers tracked by Forbes.

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